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Snežnik trails

Bistrška 10-ka • Milanja trail • Kozlek trail • Youth runs • Hike

08. June 2024

Snežnik trails (Snežniški teki) is the main running event in the municipality of Ilirska Bistrica and includes running and sports activities for the whole family. It includes three competitive courses (10, 17 and 31 km), runs for elementary school students (youth runs), two hikes for adults looking for recreation and socializing, and animations for children so that parents can run or just enjoy themselves without worries.


Free parking is provided at the location Črne njive and a hot meal is provided for competitors, hikers and youth. Drinks will be available in the log cabin.

The first running event took place in 2007, under the name Bistrški tek, over the years we added trail courses, and in 2024 we renamed the event to Snežniški teki. Our desire is to add new challenges such as approx. 50 km long trail to the top of Snežnik (with a view of the sea)

The runs will take place in all weather conditions, unless this poses a risk to the health of the participants.

The event is organized for you by local running society Tekaško društvo Bistrc





17 km

3h 35min

31 km

6h 35min

300 - 2000m


HIKE Ahec (short)

appx. 3h


HIKE Kozlek (long)

appx. 5h


Competitive races

The start and finish of all competition courses are Črne njive above Ilirska Bistrica.

The routes run along macadam and forest paths and trails on the slopes of the Snežnik Plateau. The terrain-unsettled routes are led along well-paved macadam paths between tall pines and flowering karst grasslands, and offer the enjoyment of clean air and remote corners.
They are run under the picturesque ridge of Milanja, which is also known as Volovja reber, and the longest route also climbs to a popular hiking spot – the top of Kozlek.


Online registrations are available on link:  SnezniskiTeki2024 

Registrations open in February 2024 an closes on 02. June 2024 (or sooner in case all available spots have already been filled).

For detailed information, please check the RULES. All participants, must read and consent with rules of the event.

  • Registration is complete with a filled online application form and payment of the entry fee to the Bank account of the organizer. Kindly note the fees apply for payment, and not registratin date. Last possible date of payment is by June 2, 2024 inclusive. Applications will be considered in the order of payments received.
  • Group registrations: groups of 5 or more participants can claim a 10% discount on the listed prices. In the case of group payment, state the name of the group of your choice (e.g. Adventurers) and then send the list of competitors with information about the selected competition routes to the organizer via email
  • The list of registrants with start numbers will be published on the website..
  • Registrations are also possible on the day of the competition. Please note prices in the rules of the competition.
  • Registration fee for runners includes: starting number with first and last name*, medical assistance,
    technical security of the routes, voucher for a hot meal, refreshments on the route and at the finish line, finisher’s medal for Milanja and Kozlek trail runners, and gift bag.
    The registration fee for the hike includes: medical assistance, a voucher for a hot meal and a gift bag.

*NOTE: Runners and hikers registered on the day of the event are not provided with a start package.

NOTICE: Due to technical requirements, we will only be able to print the name and surname on the start number for runners who register and pay the registration fee by 30.05.2024 at the latest! (notice added 15.05.2024)


  • Recipient of payment: Tekaško društvo Bistrc
  • Adress: Cankarjeva ulica 18, 6250 Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenija
  • Bank name: Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d.d.
  • Account: SI56 1010 0004 4196 978
  • Purpose: Be sure to include your first and last name AND the track name. (E.g. Jane Runner- Milanja 17 or Tim Sample- Longer hike)

Run with us in the beauty of pristine nature

Additional information

Location is accessible from Ilirska Bistrica on foot, which will take you about 40 minutes. 

To arrive by car  from Ilirska Bistrica follow the signs for the tourist settlement Sviščaki. The road climbs steeply first, passing the church of St. Peter (it stands on a hill and can be seen from afar), and after a good two kilometers of driving uphill, you will see the sign for Črne Njive – a log cabin – on the left.

Free parking spaces for cars are available on the location. Please follow the directors’ instructions. In the case of an extremely large number of registered competitors, parking will be possible at an additional location, with organized free transportation of competitors and companions to and from the venue, at times that will be published on this site.


For the safety of the runners, there will be temporary road closures in the area on the day of the event. More information will be published on our site and in local information channels.

Friends and family are of course invited to join you on Snežnik trails. Spectators can use the same car parking as runners and can enjoy all the activities at the event venue. 

Four-legged friends are also welcome, but please note that there will be many visitors and children at the event, so they should preferably be on a leash.

The Snežnik trails event simply could not take place without our precious volunteers. We are always grateful for the reliable hands that help on the tracks, at the water stations, as directors, at the venue, at the awarding ceremony, etc.
If you want to help the participants enjoy the full atmosphere of the event, contact us at and we will be happy to welcome you to the team. Each volunteer receives a warm meal and a souvenir.

Would you like to become our sponsor?
Snow runs have a long tradition and attract participants from neighboring countries. Visitors are convinced by the pristine nature and the wonderful atmosphere of the event, which combines activities for the whole family.

For all questions and cooperation options, you can write to us at or call us at +386 51 259 673 (Gregor Kosič).

Each registered participant must read and consent with rules of the event and races. Please carefully read rules of Snežniški Teki 2024 event on this link(pdf).

By signing the statement upon registration, the competitor agrees to compete at his own risk and to be familiar with the rules of the competition and the possibility of dangerous situations that may be an integral part of the competition.
Due to the difficulty of the competition, those under the age of 18 are not allowed to compete on the Milanja and Kozlek trails, while even younger competitors, from the age of 15, can compete on the Bistrška 10-ka course.
By registering, the competitor waives the possibility of transferring responsibility to the organizer, fellow competitors or third parties.
By registering, the competitor confirms that he is mentally and physically prepared for this type of competition and that he has health insurance.
By registering, the participant also agrees that the entire video and photo material may be publicly displayed and used for promotional purposes of the contest. The organizer reserves all rights to copy and distribute all film and photographic material. Kindly check also our Privacy policy

Details about the competition courses are available on the links above or on the TD Bistrc website.

Race courses will be marked (tapes, signs with directional signs, flags…), refreshments with water and/or snacks will be distributed along the course, in case of predicted hot weather, additional refreshments with water will be set up.
All competitors must stick to the marked routes. Any use of shortcuts and off-track running will result in immediate disqualification from the competition. There will also be volunteers in key positions to help runners with direction.

The Milanja trail and Kozlek trail cross the local road in certain parts, so it is mandatory to follow road traffic regulations.

The use of walking/ running sticks is allowed.

The competition will take place in any weather, with the exception of situations where the safety of the participants may be at risk (exceptional weather events and other natural disasters). In such a case, the organizing committee of the competition decides on an alternative version of the competition courses or even on the cancellation of the competition.

The safety of the competitors on the competition tracks will be ensured by volunteers, controllers and the rescue service. At any time on the track, the rescue staff or controller, who assesses that the competitor is no longer able to safely continue the race, may remove the competitor from the race, take appropriate care of him and, if necessary, arrange transportation to the finish area.
If the competitor does not comply with the decision of the rescue staff, controller or director, he can be immediately disqualified.

  • whistle
  • backpack or belt
  • water container (water bladder, water bottle), filled to the needs of the runner between two refreshment stations
  • personal first aid (elastic bandage, first bandage, plasters)
  • mobile phone (switched on and muted, with a full battery and with the organizer’s number entered)
  • astro foil
  • protective clothing (anorak)
  • sun protection cream
  • energy food
  • walking/running poles

A competitor may be excluded in the event of:

  • failure to observe the marked competition route
  • using shortcuts
  • use of any form of transport during the match
  • littering or depositing garbage (except at snack bars) and endangering flora and fauna along the competition course
  • exchange of starting number with another competitor*
  • avoiding helping teammates in trouble
  • unsportsmanlike behavior, insulting fellow competitors, the organizer and third parties
  • failure to comply with the instructions of the organizer, rescue service and volunteers
  • inappropriate content in photos or videos published after the competition that offend other participants, the organizer or third parties

Wearing the start number in the wrong place adds 15 minutes (Bistrška 10-ka) or 30 minutes (Milanja and Kozlek trail) to the final time.

In the event of exclusion, after the end of the competition, the organizer will consider the reasons for it and decide on a ban on the participation of the excluded person next year or forever, if there are legitimate reasons for such a decision.

!  Please check full event RULES on this link. (pdf)







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